Thursday, September 29, 2011

More on Making the Most of Your Agent Appointment

Thanks to a reader of an agency blog I follow, I was able to link over to this great article titled, "Make the Most of Your Editor/Agent Appointment," by Melissa K. Norris, of the Northwest Christian Writers' Association. 

There are definitely several useful tips in this article. Point number one says:

"Check out the editor/agents websites. See what they represent and which one fits your genre and style the best. Don’t pitch your YA to an agent who clearly states on their site they only do adult fiction."

I find this to be a challenge when I attend a conference and there are no agents representing the children's market in attendance.

Have you ever pitched a different genre to an agent at one of these meetings? What was the end result? Do you search for conferences that only have agents that represent your genre? If yes, how has that changed--if at all--the number of conferences you attend?

You can read the rest of Norris's article at

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