Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I don't know a lot of people who handle change well. Even I, who tends to see change as a good thing many times, am not always fond of it.

There have been a lot of changes in my writing career lately. I was working on my middle grade historical when a chance to write a Christian elementary book came up. Not one to disregard the prospect of being paid to write, and truly excited by the project, I accepted. My goal to finish the historical by July shifted.

One of my regular writing gigs seems to be drying up. Part of me is sad to let go of something I've worked on for so long, but I've seen myself going in a different direction for the past couple of years, so perhaps it's time. Musing Our Children, a cause that is near and dear to my heart, will be over at the end of this year too. Many of those involved are tied up with other projects, and trying to create even a quarterly newsletter has become close to impossible. Maybe we can try again at a later time when we all have the ability to promote the group as is necessary.

The largest change for me, however, is that I will be returning to the work force in one form or another soon. That means my already tiny amount of writing time will be reduced. I'm plodding through to finish what I can before this happens, but I'll need to rearrange my goals again once I know what my schedule will be.

Though things are changing rapidly in my world, I'm excited too. New prospects can bring new opportunities for even greater things.

How do you feel about change? Was there I time you dreaded change, but it ended up being a good thing?

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