Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Word Choice Made Simple – er presented by MM the Queen ofEnglish

It’s time for another workshop with the Queen of English. This workshop, Word Choice Made Simple – er, is my favorite. Its topic is words – I love words, all words, big or small. It also has its own built-in humor. Think Jay Leno’s bit where he read ads or headlines from newspapers. You probably have received at least one e-mail with misused misplaced word humor. Mixing up words can be hysterically funny at times.

This workshop is one of two workshops she conducts on this topic. The more advanced workshop will be offered later in the year.

Below is information about the Queen’s June Workshop:

Word Choice Made Simple – er 
presented by MM the Queen ofEnglish

June 20-24, 2011 – only $15.00

Plus receive a .pdf of workshop and a lineedit of
 1,500 words*
To register, go to

and click on Words, Words, in the dropdown box. PayPal takes care of the rest.

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