Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Greatest Writing Challenge and How I Beat It

How's that picture for a glimpse into the past? Do you remember typing away at your typewriter instead of a PC. I do. I still have some of my old stories, created on my mother's typewriter with a lowercase "i" that didn't dot.

As long as there have been writers, there have been challenges to getting the writing done. Whether it be self-doubt, making the time to write, writer's block, fear of failure, or another challenge, each writer must find a way to overcome the challenges that stand in her way.

For me, making the time has always been the challenge. I've learned to balance my career and family life better these days, but there are times when I feel one or the other is sacrificed. I tend to write after the kids are in bed. I'm not a morning person, so getting up early will never happen. I also find myself more productive in the evenings, a few hours after supper once I've gotten my second wind. Not trying to force myself to write early in the day helped me to become a more productive writer.

What about you? What was/is your greatest writing challenge? How are you working on it or how did you overcome it?


Connie Arnold said...

I well remember the old typewriters. We have sure come a long way since then! It was such a pain to try to correct mistakes then. I'm thankful for the delete key on the computer. Sometimes I wish I had one of those for my life!

I admire people like you who manage to raise children and balance their career and family life. I got a late start writing after my children were grown, which made it easier. Now my challenge is a retired husband who distracts me since he's around more. But at least he's a good distraction!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Connie, you should talk to Nancy, because she has the same issue. Good luck with carving out some writing time. Maybe we should get the hubby a hobby. :)