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Apostrophe Apathy and Comma Chaos Workshop Starts March 21st

Apostrophe Apathy and Comma Chaos:

Can Punctuation Survive in This Modern Age?

March 21-25, 2001

presented by the Queen of English

Are you guilty of apostrophe apathy or has comma chaos taken over your writing? If so, fear not, for the Queen of English has the solution to your problems –her workshop titled “Apostrophe Apathy and Comma Chaos.”

The Queen of English invites you to spend five glorious days online while you explore the mysteries of apostrophe and comma use with her, all for just $15.00. The Queen is a former English teacher with fifteen years of experience at elementary, middle, and high school levels. She line edits for an online publishing firm. Her other workshops have been part of MUSE Online Writers Conference or in connection with Black Velvet Seductions.

Reward for doing your homework: If you send her all your homework, she’ll proofread your 1,500-word submission for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Critiquing story elements like point of view and character development she leaves to publishers.

A few of the topics the Queen will cover in the workshop are:

Apostrophe use with singular and plural nouns

Apostrophe use to show dual ownership

Apostrophe use with numbers, dates, letters, and words mentioned as words

Comma use in introductory words and phrases

Comma use in compound and complex sentences

During the online workshop, the Queen will use her unique way of distilling information so that you will feel confident in using apostrophes and commas, two vital tools of the writer. She’ll throw in a bit of humor to make the lesson much more fun than your eighth-grade language arts class was.

If you are interested in taking this workshop, or if you have questions about this or her other workshops, please e-mail the Queen of English at queenofenglish(at)live(dot)com before March 15th. She’ll send you an invoice through PayPal. It’s that easy to register!

Looking forward to working with you,

the Queen of English

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